Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Create Static Pages in Blogger

I've seen several questions on forums regarding whether or not it is possible to create static pages in blogger. In other words, to create a page that doesn't involve blogging. This page is an example of a static page. This page does not appear in my list of blog posts. In fact, it is not even hosted by Blogger.

While viewing this page on my local machine, the only thing that appears out of place are my Google AdSense ads. I've never seen Google advertisement widgets that contained nothing but question marks before. This could be because the domain of this page begins with a 'www' instead of 'blog', or it could be because AdSense reads the content from the database rather than after it is generated on a static page. For now, my purpose is to be able to insert static pages that link to my blog.

I purchased the domain name from Google Apps for your Domain. The primary reason for doing so was to preserve links to my blog in the event that I move from Blogger to another service. The secondary reason was to see firsthand how Google Apps for your Domain works.

Google Apps for your Domain includes several tools in addition to the domain name. This includes a start page that is similar to the personalized Google homepage, a Gmail account that uses the purchased domain name and allows administrators to add up to 200 email accounts, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, the Google Page Creator, and other useful tools. In short, I use most of the functionality on a regular basis with the exception of Google Page Creator, which is quite a disappointment at this time. Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, and many other features are just not supported, nor is any server-side scripting available. However, in addition to 2GB of email space per user that Google provides, I can upload up to 100MB of files to my domain. The advantage of having the storage is that I can build Web pages in a text editor using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then upload the files. Thus, I can use all of the features of Google Apps and host higher quality Web pages; however, I still don't expect to be able to do much in terms of server-side scripting since uploaded files can't be modified.

How to create a static page in Blogger

Below are the steps I followed to create this static page:

  • Load one of the blog posts in the browser
  • View the source in the browser.
  • Copy and paste the source to a blank HTML file
  • Edit the file and modify the content
  • Remove any links that refer to the selected blog post. This includes removing the 'Post a comment' link, as well as the 'Email post' icon.
  • Upload the file to my Google space (or any other equivalent Web hosting space)

  • In addition, don't forget to remove the RSS feeds link and the Atom link. As always, let me know if you have any questions.